This is a serial of group photographs from my album in which I made an intervention. All the faces in the photo I replaced with my face from the photo so everyone is having the same face. This work is about the memory and production of forgetting.
There is also an interactive computer version of this work. In this interactive work you can choose whose face will be multiplied to all the others.

The starting idea with the work Annual was connected with the experience of growing up in social environment. The fact is that all the people you ever meet leave a trace of themselves inside of you and probably you also leave some trace in their identity too.

Collection of all these experiences and influences is something what makes you be - you, and there's the point I started wondering - is there a pure substance of yourself only, or your identity is made from millions of layers, in the middle of which there is nothing, just like an onion…

"…The process that we are considering here is a process of multiplication and not projection onto self. That is a disturbing character of this process of cloning in which the "original" becomes an empty place on which nothing is projected, nothing but that empty place. That way faces of her friends from school or kindergarten are not replaced with her face, but the emptiness that hasn't got nothing to cover with but her face as a veil, or mask. That is where the multiplication of her face makes this face a phantom, something that always misses material form, and exists only as an image." - Branislav Dimitrijevic