audio in/out


Audio in/out

In this performance I am listening the music over the big headphones and sing the song that I hear. The fact that I'm not hearing myself singing and that the public can't hear what I'm listening creates a kind of sound wall between us. The whole performance is happening in the light of the video projection in which the same action was recorded few hours earlier. This way I am singing a duet with myself and both of us are making almost the same mistakes.
In this work it was interesting for me the visual tension between the projection and the real live performance, also this sound wall that makes me excluded from the audience and pushed more into the projection. One more interesting thing is the "time window" that appears because the time gap between what happened (video) and what is happening (performance) is brought close together to only a part of a second.
The name of the performance came out from the technical term for the audio plug in because of the feeling of not perfection of the body - being less worth than the machine...