Hand in hand (2006)

is a work which corresponds with the impulse of the historical avant-gardes of the 20th century, that art should exit the frames of the art world and influence the world around. Milicas’ work aims for a much more intimate intervention which concerns human interactions, necessity of communication and a need of an intimate touch. Inhands are actually male and female hand, sculptured in latex, meant to be filled with hot water and used as a kind of thermoform. Such as they are, these objects are intended not just for staying in the gallery, but also for being used. With the instructions for use, funny approach to the subject of loneliness and alienation, Milica suggests that in this way, fake hand filled with hot water can replace human warmth. Following the instructions, an art consumer can go to a park, for a walk holding the warm hand – an art work which has become a commodity. Cause, if you want to possess an art work you have to buy it.
Bringing this idea to the final consequence, we come to the absurd which Milica is suggesting – when the thermoform goes cold, the hand stops heating us, and this piece shows itself only as an unstable, and weak surrogate for a human presence and exchange of emotions.
Milica is using sculptural form to bring it back to the field of performance – object becomes a protagonist of the art action which artist documents on the photography and brings it back to the gallery - exhibiting the whole process as documentation. Her message, that looks playful, unveils a certain melancholy and almost morbid quality of a cut of hand which does not fulfills the function of “holding hands” but it makes more visible this lack, this absence of the owner of the hand.

Jovana Stokic