This is a natural size skulpture one of the famous folk star in Serbia, Jelena Karleusa.

The person that was used as a model for this skulpture is one of the new prototipes of woman specialy on this ground. Her incredible sucsses is in the power to show all the highest points in the tranzition of the cultural estetics.

As one of the most important figure at the turbo folk scene she is always in the eye of the medias. Her life becomes public. And public is divided in two opinions those who hate her and those that love her some of the relevant theorists of culture also. I thought that this
kind of personality deserves to be “immortalized” in traditional monumental skulpture. So ambivalent attitude is materialized.

The sculpture is made after photographs and it is the fact that I have never seen her live only on the photos and tv. So, this is my picture of her and it is mediated through the media.