Kissing Machinery


The Kisser or the kissing machinery is just a romantically imagined sculpture. It is a mechanism that is moving fake lips made of latex, and puts them in the position of giving a kiss. The machine is mechanical and works on a moving handle. This way a viewer can mechanically kiss him/herself if he/she hasn't got anyone else to kiss him/her. The mechanism itself is open and visible to the viewer. This sculpture is trying to overcome the barrier in-between the viewer and an artwork.

I'm trying to deal with the question of alienation and overflowing loneliness that immerged from transformation of living conditions and rules, into complicating human relationships. There are lots of products in the stores which are made to fulfill the need for closeness with another person. From film pornography and specialized stores which offer you to buy "all your unlived dreams" till the virtual reality which supposed to simulate the real one. These are conditions that have made the field of self enjoyment to wide out in extremely different directions.

What the market can not satisfy is the need for tenderness, love and closeness to another person. In that way this machine too, at first tries, but as every machine it will hardly manage to fulfill these needs. Still it can point out the rising problem, by making it absurdly visible.