Ohhhne titel 2008




Half Title
from the exhibition catalogue Belgrade with Budapest

Ohhhne Titel, work by Milica Ruzicic, suggests almost tactile approach to comprehension of erotic, where the perspective aloofness inserted into the organic, bodily structure of the painting is fading away. By means of minucious, manual treatment, the artist manages to bring about the effect of the vivid surface, out of which the hairs are growing, suggesting the existence of the potential curvature or even a crack, i.e. access into the covered organ, where the dense compound is directed in some sort of symmetry, colliding naturally i8n the center of the painting. That however twists the original notion of the work into its opposite, hidden completely from the views of the place of desire, a place that arouses a yarning for returning to sheltered and worm corporal lurking place. Eroticism is being drawn into relation with the vital power of growth and cyclic renewal, but with previous share in something that could be defined as mystery of conception and birth. However, by means of interception between natural and artificial, by stressing on the aesthetic work mode, the artist indicates imaginative, seductive structure of the erotic aspect. Ambivalence of the view, versatility of availability, secrecy of hidden where the viewer's eye is not allowed in, rehabilitates intuitive powers of command, swathing us with non-verbal, ineffable logic of sensation, where the erotic is defined exactly as perpetually unexplored territory.

Maida Gruden i Mara Proharska