Prejudgment day
The day prejudice is wanted

This project is dealing with prejudice as a process in personal relations. It analyses the process and shows two opposite roles in it, their relations and uncertainty and unexpected development of this process.
The necessity of analyzing this theme comes out of the context in which the human personal relations are being simplified and formulated because of time saving. So, for the faster "handling with data" we put others in the position to be classified in all kinds of instant criteria to the simplest defined groups.
What interests me the most is the most extreme example of the classification that is visible in the personal relations when someone's position (or not having a position) in some group is treated as a dirty word.
In this installation the public will be forced to take both roles, the role of a guilty one and a role of a victim of prejudice. In this way they will be confronted to the consequences of this kind of behavior. You would probably feel very bad if you realize how the prejudice is made on you just for fun…
I hope this could built a feeling of responsibility in the personal communication…

This kind of project refers to people who sometimes were in one of the marked groups and those that put the first ones in such groups. That means almost everyone.
In this kind of situation when it is almost impossible to speak up loud about your sexual, ethnic or religious difference I think this kind of project maybe can point out the absurd of prejudgment conclusions.

In this installation the public is invited to contribute the building of the installation.
Each of the visitors has to go through a process. In the beginning there is collection of personal data (name and home address) and then I will take a photo of this person.
In the next part of the process I will offer the viewer a bunch of stamps that he could stamp on the photographs of all the viewers before him. He will be able to choose between the stamps that will be marked with words:
Whore, gay, lesbian, gipsy, granny, Albanian, blond, fat lady, junky, blind man, old man, peasant girl, crazy woman, bastard, beggar, German, bold,

Further on I was developing this photos joining them to the wall with others to wait for the next visitor.
In the end of the process, I was sending all of these photos to the home addresses of their owners.
This way installation was deconstructed and disappeared, what has left is just documentation of the action.
First photos in the process were mine and of all the participants from the workshop "How to send a message".

This whole action was located at the main walking street in Belgrade, Knez Mihailova, by and on one of the pillars for hanging the posters.

photo samples