The ecstasy of bureaucracy


Is an ongoing project from 2004.


The idea
was to exhibit in a gallery space the whole mass of ecstasy pills that local police has captured from the local dealers (not long ago there was a local laboratory found). That mass of drugs would be borrowed from the police department under all the conditions they would ask for, that would probably mean I would have to take all the responsibility for everything to be taken back and pay the guarding officers to guide the drugs during the exhibition.
I still haven't got any answer from the police department.
So, the work became administrative correspondence and that was the reason for the title of the work.


The concept
is to expose one illegal substance that gives lots of power to those who have it. Also would be interesting the picture of few armed police officers guiding the drugs, that way they would become a part of the show, too.

Political structures and the police are usually connected with the drug dealing network, which is the way they make their hierarchy of power.
This way I would just give everyone a glance look of this context.